Saturday, April 7, 2012

How a wheelchair women can do the daily occupations

How biomedical advances assist in the daily occupations of a young woman with paraplegia. this video was created as part of a class presentation on biomedical technology but others would find it helpful.
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My name is Sean Lewis. I am 29 and have cerebral palsy. I am a motivational speaker and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this video. It was interesting to see you demonstrate how to use the hand controls. I myself am unable to drive but I have friends who would benefit from this technology. I think it is so inspiring that you are going into physical therapy. You will be offer something other therapists cannot........proof that with determination and hard work you can achieve your dreams! ---Seangodsman26
Thanks for d video.. Grt job :) Hey, my elder sister had met wid an accident and she is suffering thru traumatic paraplegia.. we would like to know from where did u get dis wheelchair? and wats ur diet? wats ur diet plan? we r from India and we don't have dis much facilities over here.. I would appreiciate if u help me wid wheelchair manufacturer's contact number so we can get dis wheelchair? Waiting for ur reply and hats off to ur courage dear.. god bless Pinki singh ---pinkisingh02
I'm in a wheelchair, but honestly, when I watched you on the internet, I was speechless, I do not know what say .I like what you're doing, I like what you teach others who are in the same condition as use a wheelchair to make the right transfers and other things that do not everything know. very good for you, I like what you do. Good luck! ---MrLLLeo